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STS Digital Audiophile Discs: 2

From the company that recorded many of the outstanding Marantz demo discs and now still producing fine quality recordings. These STS discs provide a superb listening experience. With a range of material covering Classical to Jazz and Historical favorites and all transcribed using the MW3 coding process, just sit back and enjoy the music.

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111155

STS Digital: A Night Never to Forget.   MPN: STS6111155

Seventeen late night mellow jazz tracks with saxophone and piano up-front, played by accomplished piano and saxophone duo with backing band. Recorded by Fritz deWith at his STS studio and sound engineered with their MW coding process to produce all the tonality and detail without grain or harshness. Another superb CD for the collection.

Artists: Various

   Track listing:-

  1. Out of this world - T. Arlen
  2. Wave - A. Jobin
  3. Dont know why - I Jones
  4. Gee Baby - Dee Redman
  5. Nancy - J van Heusen
  6. Meditation - A Jobin
  7. A flower is a lonesome thing - B. Strayhorn
  8. Angel Eyes - M. Denn
  9. Heaven - D. Ellington
  10. Yours is my heart alone - F. Lehar
  11. Besame Mucho - Trad.
  12. The nearness of you - H. Carmichael
  13. Smile - C. Chaplin
  14. Misty - E. Garner
  15. What a difference a day makes - M. Grevar
  16. Alice in Wonderland - S. Fain
  17. Moanin' - B. Timmons

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STS6111155 A Night Never to Forget 21.25 /1

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111154

The Way you Look Tonight   MPN: STS6111154

The liquid jazz voice of Greetje Kauffld with band, sings a selection of well loved songs. As a well known Dutch Jazz Singer having sung with the likes of Jazz guitarist Herb Ellis (Oscar Peterson Trio) and bassist Ray Brown (Madern Jazz Quartet, Ella Fitzgerald) when working in America.
'The way you look tonight' album showcases her singing a selection of well known songs, covering several decades. With her smooth singing style, this is an album to sit back and relax to. As usual, the re-engineered master tapes provide a great sound quality that draws you into the music.

Artist: Greetje Kauffld

   Track listing:-

  1. Morenal - J.L. Amalio
  2. So many stars - S. Mendes
  3. They can't take that away from me - G. Gershwin
  4. It might as well be spring - R. Rogers
  5. I get along without you very well - H. Carmichael
  6. The shaddow of your smile - J. Mandel
  7. Smile - C. Chaplin
  8. Nice 'n' easy - L. Spence
  9. It had to be you - I. Jones
  10. I wish you love - C. Treret
  11. Fly me to the moon - B. Howard
  12. Route 66 - B. Troupe
  13. I'm gonnna sit right down and write myself a letter - F.E. Alhert

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STS6111154 The Way you Look Tonight, Greetje Kauffld 21.25 /1

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111152

The Absolute Sound Reference Volume 2:-   MPN: STS6111152

      A Budget sampler introduction to the STS Digital 'CD sound'.
All the tracks start with the Master Tape and with the help of their unique STS Digital MW Coding, are re-engineered to provide a taste of the superb 'STS sound' on CD - at a budget price.
       With a range of musical styles, over 19 tracks. This CD shows just how good the medium can be, how the CD can offer a sense of scale and musical reality, not often found on this medium.
      The CD is produced with all the care shown on the STS Digital full priced CD's, and comes in a simple card sleeve.

Artists:- Various,

      Track listing:-

  1. Fender Duo
  2. The Luck
  3. The Drum Shop
  4. Saskia Laroo Band
  5. Gabriella Käfer
  6. Marco Carulli
  7. Accademia Amsterdam
  8. Cantus ex Corde
  9. Judith Jamin
  10. Ralf & Tal
  11. Arion Ensemble
  12. Group Puls
  13. Circle Percussion
  14. Tim Kliphuis Ensemble
  15. Visit Dr. Akhbar
  16. Mitchell Bomber B25
  17. DC 3, 6 and 7
  18. 5 Harley Davidsons
  19. Walking in Concert

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STS6111152 The Absolute Sound Reference Vol 2. 7.99 /1

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111146

STS Digital: Siltech High End Audiophile Test Demo CD Volume 2.    MPN: STS6111146

More superbly re-engineered tracks from the original Master Tapes. This second CD album in the Master Recordings series from STS Digital offers 13 tracks from artists such as Joni Mitchel, the Oscar Peterson Trio and Shelbe Lynne. Using their unique MW coding process, STS Digital once again demonstrates just how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can realy achieve, something not often encountered on most CD's.

Artists:- Various

Track listing:-

  1. Joni Mitchel - Trouble child
  2. Don Williams - Just a Country boy
  3. Molly Johnson - Sweet sublime
  4. Thomas Bagerman Trio - Smiling in the cold
  5. Monica Mancini - Anywhere the heart goes
  6. Guitar Duo Tommy - Emmanuel
  7. Anouk Hendriks, J. Wesseling & Y. Kadri - All night long
  8. Gian Maria Testa - Cavalli di Frisia
  9. Oscar Peterson Trio - You look good to me
  10. Natalie Merchant - Motherland
  11. E. Ming - House of the rising sun
  12. Elene Warner - Looking for love
  13. Shelbe Lynne - A little loving

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STS6111146 Siltech High End Audiophile Test Demo CD volume 2 21.25 /1

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