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STS Digital Audiophile Discs: 3

From the company that recorded many of the outstanding Marantz demo discs and now still producing fine quality recordings. These STS discs provide a superb listening experience. With a range of material covering Classical to Jazz and Historical favorites and all transcribed using the MW3 coding process, just sit back and enjoy the music.

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111145

STS Digital: EXTENDED Dynamic Experience Volume 4.    MPN: STS6111145

This CD demonstrates just how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how this can offer a sense of scale and reality to the music. Who said the CD was dead?!
With the help of the unique STS Digital MW Coding Process. Volume 4 of the Series offers 12 more super tracks from the likes of Buddy Guy, Marcus Miller and Yello. Some heavy stuff here, so watch the volume on small loudspeakers - otherwise great fun.

Artists: Various

      Track listing:-

  1. Bela Flack - Flight of the cosmic hippo (3'48")
  2. Yello - Rubberbandman (3'40")
  3. Dede Priest - Blues wine (5'44")
  4. Christian Mc Bride - Night train (3'35")
  5. Buddy Guy - I love the life I have (2'46")
  6. Marcus Miller - Power (5'20")
  7. Jim Lampi - Ernest (4'41")
  8. Brian Bromberg - Teen Town (4'51")
  9. Simpsons - In the houseman (4'24")
  10. Himalaya - Norbu (5'41")
  11. Misrili Luli (5'41")
  12. Johan Lunenburg - A first set of 3 pieces (3'52")

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STS6111145 EXTENDED Dynamic Experience Volume 4 21.25 /1

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111143


Growing up in Detroit Mitchigan, Ingram Washington learnt his singing skills from age 10 listening to such artists as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billy Eckstine and many more. Ingram has performed in clubs and concerts Worldwide, (from the most northern ports of Norway to the southern tips of New Zealand. He has worked with many well known artists such as Nina Simone, Teddy Edwards, Ray Charles, Scott Hamilton, Spanky Wilson, Robby Agerbeek, Harry "Sweets" Edison, John Marshall and Cees Slinger. This lovely selection of songs is now re-issued on a gold CD of 14 tracks and offers the listener a fine selection of jazz standards and less well known songs from the 'Great American Songbook' re-engineered by STS Digital for the highest fidelity sound.

Artist:- Ingram Washington, Title: What a difference a Day

      Track listing:-

  1. What A Difference A Day Makes (3'10")
  2. But Not For Me (3'09")
  3. Come Rain Or Come Shine (4'37")
  4. My Funny Valentine (3'08")
  5. Smile (3'21")
  6. Hey There (2'41")
  7. I Thought Bout You (4'09")
  8. Unforgettable (4'18")
  9. Autumn Leaves (4'00")
  10. Laughing At Life (3'05")
  11. Always On My Mind (4'04")
  12. Somebody Loves Me (3'23")
  13. Our Love Is Here To Stay (3'34")
  14. What A Wonderful World (4'53")

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STS6111143 Ingram Washington:- What a difference a day 21.25 /1

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111142

The Absolute Sound Reference Volume 1:-   MPN: STS6111142

      A Budget sampler introduction to the STS Digital 'CD sound'.
All the tracks start with the Master Tape and with the help of their unique STS Digital MW Coding, are re-engineered to provide a taste of the superb 'STS sound' on CD - at a budget price.
       With a range of musical styles, over 19 tracks. This CD shows just how good the medium can be, how the CD can offer a sense of scale and musical reality, not often found on this medium.
      The CD is produced with all the care shown on the STS Digital full priced CD's, and comes in a simple card sleeve.

Artists:- Various,

      Track listing:-

  1. Just improvise Improvised
  2. Kaduwa
  3. Demo percussion
  4. Percussion only
  5. Toccata and fugues in D
  6. Sonore Basion
  7. 3e sonate scherzo opus 58
  8. Demo on organ
  9. Works for Harpsichord
  10. Sarabande in D minor
  11. Old Irish folksong
  12. Fuga et pastorale
  13. An evening pray
  14. Klank welle
  15. Sound recordings Piano fall
  16. Sound recordings Steam engine in fabric
  17. Sound recordings On the steam engine
  18. Sound recordings Thunderstruck and lightning
  19. Sound recordings

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STS6111142 The Absolute Sound Reference Vol 1. 7.99 /1

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111139


A great selection of well known classical pieces that have excellant dynamic range and detail in the music. This is the first classical CD in the STS Digital 'Dynamic Experience' catalogue. These pieces of well known classical music are all beautifully performed and when re-mastered with the STS MW process show off the music to its full effect.

Bas Pollard - Utrechtsch Studenten Concert.

Track listing:-

  1. Firebird - Igor Stravinski (4'25")
  2. Cindarella Suite no.1/3 - Sergej Prokafiev (3'23")
  3. Cindarella Suite no.1/5 - Sergej Prokafiev (5'09")
  4. Gun Battle - Aarron Copeland (2'02")
  5. La Valsa - Maurice Ravel (6'12")
  6. Hary Janos Suite no. 5 - Zoltan Kodaly (3'01")
  7. Pictures at an exhibition - Moussorgsky (3'54")
  8. Radetzky March - J Strauss (3'45")
  9. An Americal in Paris - Gershwin (12'43")
  10. 1812 Overture (17'21")

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Order Code Description Price 1
STS6111139 Dynamic Experience Classics Vol 1. 21.25 /1

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