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STS Digital Audiophile Discs: 4

From the company that recorded many of the outstanding Marantz demo discs and now still producing fine quality recordings. These STS discs provide a superb listening experience. With a range of material covering Classical to Jazz and Historical favorites and all transcribed using the MW3 coding process, just sit back and enjoy the music.

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111137

STS Digital:Celebrate the Art & Spirit of Music Volume 3.    MPN: STS6111137

Reviewed by Ken Kesler in Hi-Fi News and Record Review magazine and receiving a great 89/100, 'Dutch Jazz Legends' directed by Ben van den Dungen (Woody Shaw, Mal Waldron) and Michael Varekamp (Dutch Swing College Band, Scott Hamilton) are ready to touch your heart and ears with their renditions in the unique and timeless jazz art form. With reference to the glory days of jazz, this first album of 'Dutch Jazz Legends' is soulful, touching and irresistible - and with the STS MW coding process makes for quality audiophile listening, swinging it's way through the third CD of the series 'Celebrating the art & spirit of music'. A good listen.

Artists: Michael Varekamp (Trumpet), Ben van den Dungen (Tenor Sax), Jasper Soffers (Piano), Marius Beets (Double Bass), Joost Patocka (Drums)

      Track listing:-

  1. Moonlight in Vermont (4'22")
  2. Sophisticated lady (3'24")
  3. Strike up the band (3'50")
  4. Do you know what it means (4'26")
  5. Easy to remember (4'30")
  6. Where or when (3'23")
  7. I want to be happy (2'42")
  8. In a sentimental mood (5'35")
  9. Somewhere over the rainbow (4'53")
  10. Misty (5'04")
  11. Spring can really hang you (3'07")
  12. Mona Lisa (2'54")
  13. What's new (3'54")
  14. My funny Valentine (4'52")
  15. Satin doll (4'42")

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STS6111137 Celebrate the Art & Spirit of Music Vol 3 21.25 /1

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111134

STS Digital: Siltech High End Audiophile Test Demo CD Volume 1.    MPN: STS6111134

Siltech High End Audiophile Test CD The Marantz organisation decided to stop producing their one a year hybrid CD/SACD 'masterworks' in 2012, after 15 years and 15 excellent hybrid CD/SACD titles, all engineered by STS Digital. And so, STS were hoping to find another audio Company with whom to work. Siltech have risen to the challenge!     This volume 1 is CD only, as the SACD market is so small now, it was felt right to concentrate on CD replay discs, leaving the higher resolution options for microSD cards in the future. So here is Volume 1.
    A good selection of beautifully re-engineered tracks, bringing out the natural musicality and dynamics, as only STS Digital seem to know how.

Artists:- Various

Track listing:-

  1. Pink Panther Theme - Plas Johnson
  2. Tu es la - Philippe Elan
  3. Hold On - Max and Esmay Luck
  4. Sunny get blue - Nat King Cole
  5. Wailin Wall - Wiles Ingwersen
  6. Hick ups - Harry Sacksioni
  7. The devil may care - Eleonora Holiday
  8. Homeward bound - Blues Company
  9. Dream about you - Eva
  10. Let me down easy - Ricky Peterson
  11. Take my mother home - Harry Belafonte
  12. Jazz traditional - The Dutch Swing College Band
  13. La Rosita - Coleman Hawkins & Ben Webster
  14. Live samba - George Carlo
  15. English folksong - Ron and Marco

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STS6111134 Siltech High End Audiophile Test Demo CD volume 1 21.25 /1

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111132

STS Digital: Groove into Bits Volume 2.   MPN: STS6111132

Following on from the great success of Groove into Bits Volume 1, here comes the second in the series with another varied music mix extracted fron vinyl LP's. This vibrant collection using STS Digital's own MW coding process gives a quality of acoustic that needs to be heard to be believed.

Artists: Various

Track listing:-

  1. Friend 'n Fellow / Fly like an eagle
  2. Illinois Jacquet / Harlem Nocturne
  3. Taj Mahal / Strong man hollow
  4. John Lee Hooker / Country Boy
  5. Count Basie / Vine Street Rumble
  6. Billy Holiday / Day in day out
  7. Fabrizio De Andre / Korakhane
  8. Willie Dixon / Save my child
  9. Lorna Hunt / Long hard road
  10. Roger Rabbit / Why don't you do right
  11. Bob Dylan / Man in the long black coat
  12. Calexico / Two silver trees

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STS6111132 Groove into Bits Volume 2 21.25 /1

STS Digital Audiophile CD STS6111126

STS Digital: Dynamic Experience, Volume 3.   MPN: STS6111126

    Great songs, sounding sublime. This is the most 'dynamic' series of CD's STS Digital has ever produced, with the help of the MW Coding Process. Heavy stuff! - and one warning, this CD is not very suitable to play LOUD on small bookshelf loudspeakers, you may damage them - but a big fun on larger loudspeakers and shows how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how this offers a sense of scale and reality to the music.
    Volume 3 has a great range of musical styles from the likes of Lou Reed, Paul Simon, Tom Jones and Laurie Anderson

Artists:- Various

Track listing:-

  1. Rickie Lee Jones ft Leo Kottke - Tigers
  2. Tony Joe White - Menutha
  3. Ali Farka Toure ft Ry Cooder - Commi
  4. Bliss - Sleep will come
  5. Tom Jones - 24 hours
  6. DJ Elio - Rocco Sifredi
  7. Laurie Anderson - The puppet hotel
  8. Paul Simon - Pigs sheep and wolves
  9. Ricky Peterson - It’s all right
  10. Lou Reed and John Cale - Faces and names
  11. Jacob ter Veldhuis - Danza I
  12. Circle Percussion - Steam train

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STS6111126 Digital Dynamic Experience, Volume 3 21.25 /1

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