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Loudspeaker Components, Articles and Speaker Kits.

Find Loudspeaker Components, Articles and Hi-fi kits

Loudspeaker Components and Speaker Kits

     QTA Systems was established in 1991,specialising in the supply of quality DIY Loudspeaker Components to hobby based speaker builders. This included the development and manufacture of high quality Hi-Fi Kits for DIY enthusiasts. Our product range now includes STS Digital audiophile CDs, loudspeaker components, parts and loudspeaker kits which can be supplied partly or wholly as DIY for the audio enthusiast.
     In addition, the collection of Articles covers some of the more interesting aspects of DIY builds not normally found elsewhere.
     All loudspeaker kits are made to order and on most kits it is possible to offer a choice of veneers and finishes. Take a look at the range of speaker kits and components available and information on how we can help you advance your very own custom speaker designs.

Review and Purchase STS Digital CDs. *** NOW on 20% OFF *** Summer Sale  STS Digital

   STS Digital is one of the leading audiophile recording studios in Europe who still use the analogue (tape) medium where possible, to provide the best musical sound and dynamics. Located in Holland, they have produced many fine demonstration CDs for major companies, including Marantz. With their in-house MW recording process they have developed their own unique sound from studio masters for both CD and LPs for you to enjoy.

View Details On Bitumastic Sheet

    Bitumastic sheet is a very dense / heavy material which has almost zero elasticity. It is widely used in industry to dampen the vibrations of thin metal sheeting and is often used under car bonnets or applied to large metal containers. Rolled into sheet format and with a self adhesive backing bitumastic sheet is also ideal for the damping of unwanted vibrations / resonances in wooden loudspeaker panels. Adding to our selection of highly popular Bitumastic Sheet in thicknesses of (5, 2.5)mm we now have available a further material thickness of 1.5mm. This is available as self-adhesive, cut sheet, sized at (200 * 300)mm.

Read the Article on Sorbothane Hemispheres

    Sorbothane. A newish high technology material with the ability to convert adsorbed mechanical vibration into heat. Used in a number of electronics items for vibration isolation, this material is now available as self-supporting, moulded Sorbothane Hemispheres. Available in a selection of diameters from 11mm to 50mm, the hemispheres also have three specifications for material hardness. This provides comprehensive usability, (ie usable weight loading) when used in four's for the support of most domestic speakers and other items. Examples such as bass bins, loudspeaker enclosures, microcosm photographic platforms etc. For further information review the article.

View Grille Cloth Loudspeaker Grille Cloth

     A new range of bi-stretch loudspeaker Grille Cloth available in a selection of colours to add some new visual appeal to legacy hi-fi items such as gramophones and radios. Of course, the grille cloth may also be used for re-dressing the front panels of more modern speaker enclosures or for the repair of damaged front grilles. For DIY constructors these coloured cloths are ideal for colour matching interior decor or to provide for a more stand-out visual effect.

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