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Audio Plugs and Sockets, Teflon and Gold Plated

Teflon Insulated Phono Plug

RCA Audio Plugs

     High quality phono plugs with metallic grey bodies, also known as RCA plugs. Teflon insulation. Gold plated contact surfaces. Suits cables up to 8mm diameter.

* RCA / Phono Plugs. Sold in pairs one red banded, one black banded.
Order Code Description Price 1+ 6+
PHONO1 High grade phono plugs. sold in pairs 8.34 /pr ****

Gold-Plated Phono Sockets

Phono Sockets

    Standard gold plated phono sockets with colour coded inserts. Single hole fixing of 6.3mm

* Phono Sockets, Gold plated. Sold in pairs. 1 red, 1 black.
Order Code Description Price 1+ 6+
SKT02 Gold plated chassis mounting Phono Plugs 1.77 /pr 1.68 /pr

Gold Plated Insulated Phono Pockets

Insulated Phono Sockets

    High quality gold plated phono sockets. Insulating washers provide option to isolate from the chassis. Colour coded with a red or black ring. Gold plated tag and solder bucket. Single hole fixing of 8mm without washers or 9.5mm with washers.

* Phono Sockets: Gold plated, Insulated, Sold in pairs.
Order Code Description Price 1+ 6+
SKT01 Insulated Phono Sockets, gold plated chassis mounting 4.28 /pr 4.07 /pr

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