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Faston Cable Connectors for Speaker Kits and Cables

     A choice of specially selected Faston cable connectors which were originally developed during the 1970s and now familiar in name as "Fastons", trademarked. They were originally developed for the Automobile Industry to replace screw-connected electrical connections. These proved much faster to install during vehicle manufacture or to repair broken cables during servicing. The Faston types of connectors are now known under a number of different names and widely manufactured. Common names include, "quick disconnects", "push-ons", "crimps", "crimp-ons", blades and more. The items are universally available and widely used in many electrically oriented projects including for use in Speaker Kits and Leads

      There are insulated and non-insulated versions of these connectors. We concentrate on the insulated Faston option as these are more suitable. These have a hard plastic cover over the connector barrel which is colour coded. The plastic covering can be suitably crushed with a crimping tool. This ensures the cable wire is trapped and suitably compressed for the wire diameter or wire strands being used. If a crimping tool is unavailable then careful use with a pair of pliers may be an option

     There are three widths of Faston terminal tabs, the tabs are known as (male), the receptacles are (female). Tabs are available in (2.8, 4.8 and 6.3)mm widths and are independently colour coded as Red, Blue and Yellow. This gives nine performance options. For Speaker Kits and Cables the 6.3mm width crimp connectors are preferable. Each colour specifies the electrical amperage that each fitting can withstand and ultimately the cable area which can be used with each terminal. The connectors permit wire sizes from (0.25 to 6.5)sq mm. Maximum current capabilities vary from around (10 to 20) Amps depending upon connector style and manufacturer.

     Red has the smallest current carrying capacity and could be useful for tweeter leads, whilst, yellow has the greatest, ideal for Bass cables and connectors.
The terminals can be manufactured to different thicknesses and may use various connector materials. This can also determine current capacity. For example silver plated brass components can withstand higher operating temperatures than tin-plated. There are no universal specifications for current capacity and therefore products can vary somewhat from different suppliers. Types of crimp connectors are defined as "Blade", "Fork" or "Ring" and have matching halves to complete the connectivity. So.....use these Faston connectors for the wiring of DIY loudspeaker kits, power systems and general wiring applications, In summary Faston crimp connectors provide a good choice of flexibility and quick ease of connection. Of course, if you wish to connect flying leads or use these connection systems as part of your PCB project then there are splice connectors and PCB versions too. You can't really go wrong.

Red Faston Crimp Connectors

Red faston crimp connectors

Red: Wire Diam (0.25 to 1.60)mm2, Max 10A.
Wire range (22 to 16)AWG
Rings, Forks, Push-ons.

* RED: Faston Crimp Connectors Sold in Packs of 10.
Order Code Description 1+ 2+ 4+
CNRR32 Ring, 10A, Fits M3 / 6BA Stud. Ring OD  5.5mm 0.63/10 0.60 /10 0.57 /10
CNRR37 Ring, 10A, 4BA Stud. Ring OD = 6.5mm 0.63 /10 0.60 /10 0.57 /10
CNRR50 Ring, 10A, Fits M5 / 2BA Stud. Ring OD  8.0mm 1.14 /10 1.08 /10 1.03 /10
CNRF50 Fork, 10A, Fits M5 / 2BA Stud 1.14 /10 1.08 /10 1.03 /10
CNRF60 Fork, 10A, Fits M6 / 0BA Stud 1.18 /10 1.12 /10 1.06 /10
CNRT28 Push-on, 10A, Tab (2.8 by 0.8)mm 0.81 /10 0.77 /10 0.73 /10

Blue Faston Crimp Connectors

Blue faston crimp connectors

Blue: Wire Diam (1.04 to 2.63)mm2, Max 16A.
Wire range (16 to 14)AWG
Rings, Forks, Push-ons.

* BLUE: Faston Crimp Connectors Sold in Packs of 10.
Order Code Description 1+ 2+ 4+
CNBR32 Ring, 16A, Fits M3 / 6BA Stud. Ring OD = 6.6mm 0.70 /10 0.67 /10 0.64 /10
CNBR50 Ring, 16A, Fits M5 / 2BA Stud. Ring OD = 8.6mm 1.23 /10 1.17 /10 1.11 /10
CNBR80 Ring, 16A, Fits M8 Stud. Ring OD = 12.1mm 1.30 /10 1.24 /10 1.17 /10
CNBF50 Fork, 16A, Fits M5 / 2BA Stud 1.14 /10 1.08 /10 1.03 /10
CNBT48 Push-on, 16A, Tab (4.8 by 0.8)mm 0.83 /10 0.79 /10 0.75 /10
CNBT63 Push-on, 16A, Tab (6.3 by 0.8)mm 0.98 /10 0.93 /10 0.88 /10

Yellow Faston Crimp Connectors

Yellow faston crimp connectors

Yellow: Wire Diam (2.64 to 6.5)mm2, Max 20Amp.
Wire range (12 to 10)AWG
 Rings, Forks, Push-ons.

* YELLOW: Faston Crimp Connectors Sold in Packs of 10.
Order Code Description 1+ 2+ 4+
CNYR50 Ring, 20A, Fits M5 Stud. Ring OD = 9.5mm 1.34 /10 1.29 /10 1.22 /10
CNYR80 Ring, 20A, Fits M8 Stud. Ring OD = 15.0mm 2.11 /10 2.01 /10 1.90 /10
CNYF50 Fork, 20A, Fits M5 / 2BA Stud 1.24 /10 1.18 /10 1.11 /10
CNYF60 Fork, 20A, Fits M6 / 0BA Stud 1.60 /10 1.52 /10 1.44 /10
CNYT63 Push-on, 20A, Tab (6.3 by 0.8)mm 1.23 /10 1.17 /10 1.11 /10

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