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Crossover Boards and Component Parts using Tufnol

Plain undrilled Tufnol Board

Loudspeaker crossover boards using tufnol sheet

     A range of loudspeaker crossover boards designed to offer the DIY enthusiast an easy way to mount crossover parts. The components are mounted using Turret Tags on 2.5mm Tufnol board. This is a tough electrically insulating, (paper and resin), material and is available in a number of different board sizes. The sizes chosen are suitable for most crossover layouts and for self assembly.
     Note: the board does NOT have copper track on either side but uses Turret Tags which are inserted at the key component positions. Crossover parts are then soldered between the tags.

A Mounted Turret Tag in Tufnol Sheet

Turret tag inserted into tufnol board

     (1) Purchase the board components, i.e. the Tufnol board and turret tags. Drill the tag locations and insert the pins as required. 
     (2) Make use of QTA's in-house crossover services re layout and tag insertion service. In either case you get to assemble the crossover components onto the board yourself.

(1) The DIY assembly process is not complicated provided some simple rules are followed. Crossover parts should be laid out upon a sheet of paper and the connections drawn between components as required. Components should be re-arranged to give the best use of space and electrical connectivity. Inductors should be spaced well apart and mounted, (if practical), with different orientations on the board. Component connections should not cross each other on the same board side. Mark the required turret tag locations on the paper allowing room to form the component wires and transfer their position to the Tufnol board. The turret tags may be inserted from either side of the board as required using the drill and a punch. Some crossover parts may be threaded through the turret tag centre hole depending upon component wire diameter.
     The centre hole has a nominal diameter of 1.19mm.  This will accept crossover components with a 1.0mm wire diameter threaded through the centre. Do not allow loose component parts to touch the board as, with any crossover, this may result in a vibration induced buzz.
    The connecting cables for the speakers may be led out or connected from either board face / surface.
    A number of drill sizes are available to fit the crossover boards to the speaker cabinet interior and for use with the turret tags.  The sizes and usage are indicated below, see the tabled information.

(2)    If you don't fancy the challenge, a crossover board layout service is available. For this to be effective we need the circuit and the full crossover components footprints, dimensions and mounting details. No responsibility will be accepted for inept or incorrectly specified component dimensions.
        For crossover board 'assembly' we obviously need the full crossover parts set.
        Also available for speaker to crossover connection, OFC multi-stranded TPE insulated copper cable in 2.5mm (for bass sections) and 1.0mm for (tweeters). Highly flexible and the insulation doesn't peel off when you solder it. Available in various colours, see table.
Note:- Components and mounting holes as above are for illustrative purposes only. Plain Boards are supplied undrilled.

Passive circuit boards constructed from IP/13 Sheet

Plain 2.5mm Tufnol Sheet, no holes, cut to size, Sold Each.
Order Code Description 1+
XOVERB1 (2.5 * 100 * 100)mm 1.53 ea
XOVERB2 (2.5 * 100 * 125)mm 1.93 ea
XOVERB3 (2.5 * 100 * 150)mm 2.32 ea
XOVERB4 (2.5 * 100 * 175)mm 2.69 ea
XOVERB5 (2.5 * 100 * 200)mm 3.09 ea
XOVERB6 (2.5 * 125 * 125)mm 2.39 ea
XOVERB7 (2.5 * 125 * 150)mm 2.89 ea
XOVERB8 (2.5 * 125 * 175)mm 3.35 ea
XOVERB9 (2.5 * 150 * 150)mm 3.45 ea
XOVERB10 (2.5 * 150 * 200)mm 4.61 ea

Parts and Turret Tags for Crossover Boards

Summary Price list for Mechanical Crossover Components.
Order Code Description 1+
TTAGS1 Small turret tags, sold in packs of 10 2.31
DRL205DO Dormer H100 HSS 2.05mm for turret tag insertion. 2.09
DRL210 HSS drill, for turret tag insertion. 2.10mm, unbranded 1.29
DRL370PR Presto HSS drill, 3.70mm. Board mounting holes. Suits No 6 screw or M3 1.98
DRL430PR Presto HSS drill, 4.30mm. Board mounting holes. Suits No 8 screw or M4 1.96
MNTKT1 Mounting kit, 4 * (M4 *8)mm Nylon pillars + 4 Fixing screws 1.04
TCW18 18SWG single strand Tinned Copper Wire for Tag interconnections, 1.22mm Diameter. Sold in 4m Lengths 2.55
TCW20 20SWG single strand Tinned Copper Wire for Tag interconnections, 0.91mm Diameter. Sold in 4m Lengths 1.27
XOVERD To design a board layout and drilling pattern detail. Requires Circuit and Components By Quote
XOVRBF To drill and insert small turret tags into Tufnol board, Price per insert 0.33
  Complete kit add (Design cost + Board size cost + cost of Tag insertion, i.e. number of holes required.) By Quote

Loudspeaker Driver Connecting Cable

* TPE insulated, OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), loudspeaker connecting cable.
Order Code Description 1+
CABL25RE RED:       2.5mm OFC Copper Cable, TPE insulation, Highly flexible. (bass) 3.71 /m
CABL25BK BLACK:   2.5mm OFC Copper Cable, TPE insulation, Highly flexible. (bass) 3.71 /m
CABL25GR GREEN:  2.5mm OFC Copper Cable, TPE insulation, Highly flexible. (bass) 3.71 /m
CABL10RE RED:       1.0mm OFC Copper Cable, TPE insulation, Highly flexible. (treble) 2.27 /m
CABL10BK BLACK:   1.0mm OFC Copper Cable, TPE insulation, Highly flexible. (treble) 2.27 /m
CABL10GR GREEN:  1.0mm OFC Copper Cable, TPE insulation, Highly flexible. (treble) 2.27 /m
CABLSL19B BLUE:    Silver Plated 19/0.15 PTFE Insulated 1.85 /m

To find out more about Turret tags read the Article, Fitting Turret Tags

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