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Loudspeaker Damping Materials

See Article:  Speaker damping materials

   Below is a selection of common loudspeaker damping materials used to aid the suppression of unwanted cabinet resonances and to modify the voice of a speaker cabinet / enclosure.
     Long haired sheeps wool, wool felts and similar materials such as (Bonded Acetate Fibre, BAF) are primarily used to alter the higher frequency voicing of cabinets and are favourite stuffings for many cabinet designs including transmission line enclosures.
     Acoustic Foams and sheeps wool damping felts are better targeted at the mid-range frequencies / resonances as their density / mass is higher and they have differing absorption characteristics. These materials are usually attached to the inner cabinet walls.
     Bitumastic sheet which has a high density, a self adhesive backing and available in various thicknesses can be applied to inner cabinet walls to increase the panel weight / mass. This lowers the panel resonance and the bitumastic, by adsorption, helps reduce unwanted panel vibration.

Sound Absorbent Foam Sheet

Sound Absorbent Foam.

      Used for Loudspeaker cabinet damping, this sound absorbent foam is an ideal contender for damping the higher frequencies in speaker enclosures. Coloured grey, it has a closed cell construction, is easy to bend / fit into a variety of loudspeaker enclosures and may be cut to shape using a sharp scalpel. This sound absorbent foam provides a cost-effective and clean method of installing speaker enclosure damping to your home project. Nominal thickness 16mm. Supplied in rolled sheet format, 550mm * 1200mm = 1 piece.

* Sound Absorbent Loudspeaker Damping Foam.
Order Code Spec. 1+ 6+
DAMPFOM1 Sound Absorbent Foam 550*1200*16 7.01 /ea 6.68 /ea

* Sheeps Wool

Herdwick Sheeps Wool

Long Haired Herdwick Sheeps Wool

     Genuine British, scoured Herdwick, Long Haired, Sheeps Wool. Cleaned and washed, but not mothproofed, this is the upgrade to polyfill and other synthetic type cabinet fillings. Ideal for stuffing your loudspeaker cabinets and ideally suited for transmission line stuffing. Available in 250gm and 500gm packs. As a general guide, 250gms of wool stuffing will be sufficient per 1 cubic foot of stuffed volume or 28L, whichever you like. Of course you can use more or less as required.

* Long Haired Wool for Damping Loudspeaker Enclosures.
Order Code Spec. 1+ 6+
SHPWOOL1 Scoured Herdwick Wool, 250gms Pack 4.45 /pk 4.24 /pk
SHPWOOL2 Scoured Herdwick Wool, 500gms Pack 8.66 /pk 8.25 /pk

* Sheeps Wool Felt

100% Herdwick Sheep Wool Sound Absorbent Felts

100% Herdwick Sheeps Wool Felt.

     Loudspeaker damping felts. This felt is 100% pure Herdwick Sheeps Wool, needled on a jute thread mat. Supplied in 3 different felt weights of 35oz, 42oz and 48oz per square yard, (subject to availability). As an approximate guide to thickness, this equates roughly to (12, 13, 16)mm. uncompressed, as it expands slightly with use / flexure. The thickness can, however, vary a little depending upon the needling density as it is manufactured to weight, not thickness. This material provides an improved quality over recycled wool / cotton felts.

* Sheeps Wool Felt for Loudspeaker Damping. 12mm /35oz./ sq yd.
Order Code Spec. 1+ 6+
DAMPFLT4 Pure Wool Sound Absorbent Felt 300*685*12 3.22 /ea 3.06 /ea
DAMPFLT41 Pure Wool Sound Absorbent Felt 300*1370*12 6.23 /ea 5.92 /ea
DAMPFLT42 Pure Wool Sound Absorbent Felt 500*1370*12 10.53 /ea 10.00 /ea

* Sheeps Wool Felt for Loudspeaker Damping. 13mm /42oz./ sq yd.
Order Code Spec 1+ 6+
DAMPFLT3 Pure Wool Sound Absorbent Felt 300*685*13 3.37 /ea 3.20 /ea
DAMPFLT31 Pure Wool Sound Absorbent Felt 300*1370*13 6.74 /ea 6.40 /ea
DAMPFLT32 Pure Wool Sound Absorbent Felt 500*1370*13 11.24 /ea 10.67 /ea

* Sheeps Wool Felt for Loudspeaker Damping. 16mm /48oz / sq yd.
Order Code Spec. 1+ 6+
DAMPFLT5 Pure Wool Sound Absorbent Felt 300*685*16 3.69 /ea 3.51 /ea
DAMPFLT51 Pure Wool Sound Absorbent Felt 300*1370*16 7.38 /ea 7.01 /ea
DAMPFLT52 Pure Wool Sound Absorbent Felt 500*1370*16 12.30 /ea 11.69 /ea

* Wool &Cotton Mix Felt

Sound Absorbent Felt - Wool and Cotton Mix.

Sound Absorbent Felt - Wool and Cotton Mix.

      Used for damping the internal resonances and reflections in loudspeaker enclosures. This speaker felt is of a mat wool and composite material construction, 80% recycled wool, 20% cotton mix. The sound absorbent felt is supplied in two material weights 1700gms or 1100gms per square metre. Nominal thickness is 10mm or 7.5mm uncompressed. Supplied in rolled / sheet format. See below for sizes.

* Sound Absorbent Felt - Wool and Cotton Mix. 10mm Thickness.
Order Code Spec. 1+ 6+
DAMPFLT1 Sound Absorbent Felt 300*700*10 1.70 /ea 1.62 /ea
DAMPFLT11 Sound Absorbent Felt 300*1400*10 3.39 /ea 3.22 /ea
DAMPFLT12 Sound Absorbent Felt 500*1400*10 5.68 /ea 5.40 /ea

* Sound Absorbent Felt - Wool and Cotton Mix. 7.5mm Thickness.
Order Code Spec. 1+ 6+
DAMPFLT2 Sound Absorbent Felt 300*700*7.5 1.48 /ea 1.41 /ea
DAMPFLT21 Sound Absorbent Felt 300*1400*7.5 2.96 /ea 2.81 /ea
DAMPFLT22 Sound Absorbent Felt 500*1400*7.5 4.95 /ea 4.70 /ea

* Felt Damping

Cotton / Wool Felt Damping Strips & Coins

Felt Damping Coins & Strip.

     A heavyweight hard cotton / wool felt available in felt strips of (30 * 150 * 10)mm and which may be cut to size or shape. Also available as felt coins 25mm diameter by 7.5mm thick. The material is used to dampen unwanted mechanical vibration. Ideal for speaker stand platforms or beneath equipment. Non adhesive backed.

* Cotton & Wool Felt Damping Strip & Coins.
Order Code Spec. 1+ 6+
SP09 Felt Damping Strip 30 * 150 *10 3.35 /4 3.18 /4
SP10 Felt Damping Coins 25 Diam * 7.5 3.35 /8 3.18 /8

* Bitumastic Damping

Bitumastic Damping Sheet

Bitumastic Damping Sheet

     A heavy grade self adhesive backed Bitumastic damping sheet used for sound deadening. Now available in 3 weight options. Sheets / pads of (600, 300 or 150)gms per sheet, The sheets are all (200 by 300)mm and are used for quietening down resonant panels. The adhesive provides good material coupling to wood panels. For extra security it is recommended the sheets are tacked / nailed into place as this will prevent creep or failure / detachment in hot weather. See our ARTICLE about Using Bitumastic Damping.

* Bitumastic Sheet for Loudspeaker Damping.
Order Code Spec. 1+ 6+ 11+
DAMPSHT1 Bitumastic Damping Sheet 200 * 300 * 5 3.36 /ea 3.19 /ea 3.02 /ea
DAMPSHT2 Bitumastic Damping Sheet 200 * 300 * 2.5 2.24 /ea 2.13 /ea 2.02 /ea
DAMPSHT3 Bitumastic Damping Sheet 200 * 300 * 1.5 1.76 /ea 1.68 /ea 1.58 /ea

    For Postal Samples of Bitumastic Damping Sheet (DAMPSHT1), (DAMPSHT2) or (DAMPSHT3) please enclose four (4) First Class Stamps in an envelope along with your name and UK address. Sample size (100 * 50)mm.

    Larger sizes are available for customer collection only in the following sizes. For best results this material should be transported and stored flat.

* Bitumastic Sheet, (Larger Sizes), for Loudspeaker Damping.
Order Code Spec. 1+ 6+
DAMPSHT11 Bitumastic Damping Sheet 300 * 1000 * 5 16.80 /ea ****
DAMPSHT12 Bitumastic Damping Sheet 600 * 1000 * 5 31.97 /ea ****

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