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Fork Connectors for Loudspeaker Cables

A selection of Fork Connectors for termination of power amplifier leads or to connect loudspeaker cables to speaker cabinet terminals. These types of cables nearly always carry power signals. They use multistrand heavy gauge wire conductors and are usually covered with an electrically insulating coating. Two cables are used in pairs to form a return circuit. These types of connectors with varying fork or finger widths, provide the user with a number of cable termination options some of which do not require soldering techniques and are known as solderless connectors. Other styles of fittings use screw clamps which also removes the need for soldering expertise. These connectors offer the user a choice in fork widths to match the terminal post widths that are found on amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinet terminals. Different styles of connector design can accept cable diameters of differing sizes. Available in small quantities.

    A large finger width gold-plated Fork Connector for use with loudspeaker cables and power amplifier leads. The forks enable the easy connection of stripped speaker cables to loudspeaker cabinet terminals or to amplifier output terminals. With a spread of 8mm spacing between the fingers these connectors will suit the terminal diameters of larger styles of loudspeaker terminal posts. The cable connectors may be crimped or soldered as required. To crimp the connectors, a hand crimping tool is the preferred option as this provides a robust connection. However, with some ingenuity, a pair of pliers can also be used. Soldered connections provide the assurance of good electrical contact although a moderately powerful 80W soldering iron is required. The terminals will accept a maximum stripped cable diameter of 3.2mm. Sold Each.

Large 8mm Fork Connectors, Gold-Plated

8mm large fork spacing, fork connectors

Gold-Plated Large-Fork Connectors
Order Code Description 1+ 6+ 11+
SPDCON10 Large Gold-Plated 8mm Fork Connectors 0.74 /1 0.70 /1 0.66 /1

Solderless 8mm Terminations

Fork connectors, Solderless, cable clamped

    Gold plated fork connectors which use two screws for cable clamping. This is known as a solderless design and removes the need for the user to be proficient in soldering techniques. It is also a quick method of securing cable connections for testing and trials. One screw is used to clamp the stripped wire for ease of electrical connection and one, for added security, clamps the outer cable sheath. This prevents the cable from pulling out of the connector. These types of design are not suitable for soldering. The maximum unsheathed cable entry is 6mm diameter and the design can accommodate large binding post diameters of up to 8mm. Available with a red or black band. Sold Each.

Gold-Plated Fork Connectors, Solderless Design
Order Code Description 1+ 6+ 11+
SPDCON21 Solderless Gold-Plated Fork Connectors Red Band 2.45 /1 2.33 /1 2.20 /1
SPDCON22 Solderless Gold-Plated Fork Connectors Black Band 2.45 /1 2.33 /1 2.20 /1

6mm Cable Connectors

Fork connectors for 6mm terminal posts

    A gold-plated fork connector with options of either, crimp and / or solderable wire termination. As previously, the crimp option is best achieved using a crimping tool. The cable entry can accommodate a wire diameter of up to 4mm2 cross-section area. The fork width will fit a terminal post up to 6mm overall diameter. Unbranded and sold in packs of 4.

Gold Plated Fork Connectors, Crimp or Solderable Design
Order Code Description 1+ 6+ 11+
SPDCON30 Gold-Plated Fork Connectors Unbanded. Packs of 4 4.35 /4 4.14 /4 3.91 /4

Value 5mm Forks

Fork connectors, fits 5mm terminal posts

    A value component, a tin plated Fork Connector, with crimp and / or solderable wire termination options. The terminals barrels can accommodate a bare wire diameter of up to 2.5mm2 and the fork fingers will fit a terminal post of up to 5mm diameter. If required, the plastic crimp sheathing can be removed with a heat gun and pliers. The bare cable leads may then be directly soldered to the fork body. The original sheathing may then be replaced with colour-coded heat shrink material as cable identification. Unbanded and sold in packs of 4.

Value Fork Connectors, Crimp or Solderable. Sold in Packs of 4
Order Code Description 1+ 6+ 11+
SPDCON40 Tinned Fork Connectors Unbanded. Packs of 4. 0.47 /4 0.45 /4 0.43 /4

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