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Loudspeaker Components and Parts

    Search our comprehensive list of loudspeaker components from the above navigation "Parts" drop-down menu. There you will find a wide range of Components and Parts used for Speaker Builds and Upgrades.
    Below is a list of other items and components with brief descriptions which have recently been added to our stocks.
    In addition we have a number of loudspeaker parts not directly listed so email or call for further information.

New Items for Speaker Builds and Upgrades.

  • (2) Bitumastic Sheet  Loudspeaker enclosures generally need some form of damping materials installed to suppress unwanted vibrations. Bitumastic sheet is a favoured material for new Speaker Builds or Upgrades. It is a high mass material eminently suitable for speaker cabinet linings. We stock Three Thicknesses of Bitumastic Sheet (200 * 300)mm by 1.5mm, 2.5 and 5mm in thickness.

  • (4) Sheeps Wool Felt  If you want to upgrade your speaker cabinets during a cabinet build or upgrade old felts in legacy loudspeakers then invest in some Pure Wool Felt. This felt is manufactured from long haired, Herdwick sheep's wool. It can be supplied in 3 weights which determines its thickness although the density or needling can also have a bearing on its weight. Sold by width or half-width, where width is notionally 1.4M. View damping materials for more details.

  • (5) Sorbothane Isolation  Sorbothane is a newish high-tech material which dissipates vibrational energy as heat. It is used by manufacturers of Sports Footwear, Electronic Equipment and Heavy Engineering. It has also found popular use in Hi-Fi circles for the suppression of speaker cabinet vibration, CD Player isolation and as Amplifier supports. Manufactured as Strip or Hemispheres, the Hemispherical design is available in different diameters and hardness. These hemispheres are almost universally used for Hi-Fi applications.

  • (6) Loudspeaker Spikes  Loudspeaker spikes are primarily used as a support for mounting under speaker stands or more directly, sometimes under speaker cabinets. These spikes can come in a number of diameters ie 6mm, 8mm and less usual 10mm, also with various lengths. Each has its own thread pitch and these metric threads cannot be interchanged to fit legacy speaker inserts. New inserts are required replacing old with the new metric size. An assortment of metal finishes are available, but the dominant colour, is black.

  • (3) Speaker Grille Cloths  A selection of coloured Loudspeaker Grille Cloths, to breathe new life into those tired, worn or damaged looking Speaker Grilles. With a choice of seven colours these bi-stretch materials can be stretched in two axis to give that professionally finished look without the cloth sagging.

  • (1) STS Digital  STS Digital is a Dutch Recording Company specialising in the production of High Quality Audiophile Grade CDs and Tapes. They were originally involved for a number of years in the production of Test Demo CDs for Marantz. These were widely used at Hi-Fi exhibitions and retail outlets. Browse our listing of High quality Audiophile Music CDs recordings.

  • (7) Special Offers  It's always worth a look to see what items are currently on our Special Offers page. These are often at Bargain Prices and is regularly revised.

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