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Speaker Driver Fittings, Wood Inserts / Fixings

* Various Wood Inserts

Assorted Tee Nuts and Wood Inserts

Wood Inserts

     Illustrated are examples of wood inserts often used to secure speaker parts and fittings to loudspeaker cabinets. The inserts are available in a range of metric sizes. The most common for speaker building being M4 to M10 sizes. The types can be further defined as Knock-in varieties and Screw-in's.

      Each component design has its own advantages and dis-advantages. Tee Nuts have moderate self-clinching / pull-out but have great resistance to twist. Barbed Knock-in's have reasonable pull-out resistance but low twist specification. Screw-in varieties have very high pull-out resistance but very low reverse twist i.e. they unscrew easily.

      Available as shouldered or non shouldered, the shouldered Knock-in varieties may be used to provide a threaded insert from the cabinet inner face although accurate alignment is required to achieve a satisfactory fitting on the reverse side. Similarly, Tee Nuts can also be used in this manner. For further information refer to our article on How to fit Spikes

* Tee Nuts & Wood Inserts for Loudspeaker Spikes. Sold in Packs / 8
Order Code Description 1+ 6+
Tee Nuts
TNM4 M4 Tee Nut, 4 Prong, Steel, self colour 1.66 /8 1.58 /8
TNM5 M5 Tee Nut, 4 Prong, Steel, self colour  1.81 /8 1.72 /8
TNM6 M6 Tee Nut, 4 Prong, Steel, self colour 2.06 /8 1.96 /8
TNM8 M8 Tee Nut, 4 Prong, Steel, self colour 2.33 /8 2.22 /8
Wood Inserts: Flanged: OL=Overall Length mm
INSM40K M4 Knock-In for Driver Fixings, OL=9.5mm 3.32 /8 3.16 /8
INSM50K M5 Knock-In for Driver Fixings, OL=12.0mm 3.43 /8 3.27 /8
INSM50S M5 Screw-In Inserts, Flanged, OL=13.0mm 3.44 /8 3.28 /8
INSM60K M6 Knock-In for Spikes & Drivers, OL=10.5mm 3.70 /8 3.52 /8
INSM80K M8 Knock-In for Spikes & Drivers, OL=15.5mm 5.34 /8 5.09 /8
XPANPLM4 M4 Knurled plain Xpansert inserts 2.58 /8 2.46 /8
XPANSHM4 M4 Knurled Flanged Xpansert inserts 2.71 /8 2.58 /8

* Cap Head Woodscrews

Black Cap-head Woodscrews

Blacked Cap Head Screws

      If you want to give your front mounted loudspeakers a more professional finished look and you don't want to use basic screws then here is the answer Cap Head Screws. Sold in sizes of M4 or M5 thread, the M4 size will pass through most tweeter mountings whilst the M5 size can do the heavy lifting for mid-bass and bass units. Surfaces are finished in a cosmetic chemi-black. Note, these items require Hex Key drivers for insertion and like most screw threaded devices into MDF, a pilot hole should be drilled first.

* Cap Head Woodscrews. Sold in Packs / 8
Order Code Description 1+ 6+
Cap Head Woodscrews
CWSM416 Hex Headed Woodscrews, M4* 16mm, Blacked 2.26 /8 2.15 /8
CWSM425 Hex Headed Woodscrews, M4* 25mm, Blacked 2.58 /8 2.46 /8
CWSM530 Hex Headed Woodscrews, M5* 30mm, Blacked 2.68 /8 2.55 /8

* HSS Drills

HSS Drills for Wood Inserts

Drills for Wood Inserts

      These drills have been selected to assist the fitting of various wood inserts and screw threaded components. Depending upon the hardness of the material being used, for example, oak is harder than MDF, then the harder the material, the larger the pilot hole should be. In other words, no one size will fit all. The recommended sizes are best estimates only.

* HSS Drills for use with Wood Inserts. Sold each.
Order Code Description 1+ ****
HSS Drills for Tee Nuts
DRL520RO 5.20mm Suitable for M4 Tee Nuts 1.81 /1 ****
DRL650RO 6.50mm Suitable for M5 Tee Nuts 2.08 /1 ****
DRL730RO 7.30mm Suitable for M6 Tee Nuts 4.04 /1 ****
DRL960RO 9.60mm Suitable for M8 Tee Nuts 6.87 /1 ****
HSS Drills for Wood Inserts (Knock-in) M6
DRL860RO 8.60mm Suitable for M6 (Knock-in) 5.47 /1 ****
DRL870RO 8.70mm Suitable for M6 (Knock-in) 5.64 /1 ****
DRL880RO 8.80mm Suitable for M6 (Knock-in) 5.67 /1 ****
DRL890RO 8.90mm Suitable for M6 (Knock-in) 6.00 /1 ****
DRL900RO 9.00mm Suitable for M6 (Knock-in) 4.59 /1 ****
HSS Drills for Wood Inserts (Knock-in) M8
DRL960RO 9.60mm Suitable for M8 (Knock-in) 6.87 /1 ****
DRL980DIY 9.80mm Suitable for M8 (Knock-in) DIY / prototype use 5.44 /1 ****
DRL980PRO 9.80mm Suitable for M8 (Knock-in) industrial use 7.99 /1 ****
DRL100RO 10.00mm Suitable for M8 (Knock-in) 4.71 /1 ****

* Allen Keys

Allen Keys

Allen Keys for Screw-in Inserts

      Screw-in inserts require the use of Hexagonal Ended drivers to achieve the best installation experience. Many Screwdriver sets have these types of ends in their selection of bits. However, if you are not that lucky then the Allen keys as listed below should cover most applications, as needed.

* HSS Drills & Hex Long Reach Keys for Screw-in Wood Inserts. Sold each.
Order Code Description 1+ ****
HSS Drills for Wood Inserts (Screw-in) M6
DRL870RO 8.70mm Suitable for M6 (Screw-in) 5.64 /1 ****
DRL880RO 8.80mm Suitable for M6 (Screw-in) 5.67 /1 ****
DRL890RO 8.90mm Suitable for M6 (Screw-in) 6.00 /1 ****
DRL900RO 9.0mm Suitable for M6 (Screw-in) 4.59 /1 ****
Long Arm ALLEN Keys for (Screw-in) Inserts
HXKY40AF Suitable for use with M4 (screw-in) Inserts 0.98 /1 ****
HXKY50AF Suitable for use with M5 (screw-in) Inserts 1.72 /1 ****
HXKY60AF Suitable for use with M6 (screw-in) Inserts 2.58 /1 ****
HXKY80AF Suitable for use with M8 (screw-in) Inserts 4.98 /1 ****
HSS Drills for Grille Fixings
DRL100RO 10.00mm Suitable for fixing Small grille fasteners 4.71 /1 ****

* M4 Spacers

Male / Female Nickel M4 Spacers

M4 Nickel Spacers

Male / Female nickel plated M4 brass spacers. External 6mm thread on 8mm post. Internal thread depth 6.5mm. Body length 10mm.

* M4 Plated Spacers. Sold in packs /10
Order Code Description 1+ 6+
SPCR01 Nickel plated M4 Male/Female threaded spacers 5.81 /10 5.52 /10

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