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Cabinets For Bandor 50mm Drivers

Speaker Cabinets using MDF slices for Bandor

A range of DIY Loudspeaker Kits using stackable MDF slices

These loudspeaker cabinets provide an opportunity to construct an enclosure with a more artistic shape. The internal corrugated cabinet walls have a varying wall thickness. This provides a higher degree of immunity to speaker cabinet noise and panel vibration than traditional flat sided enclosures.

       The MDF slices are threaded onto a single precision steel pin. The front panel of the speaker cabinet is used as a second reference point to align the slices vertically into a completed cabinet. Part-assembled cabinets are shown in the photographs below. The speaker cabinets have large swept front panel radii. This helps to reduce diffraction effects from the edges of the cabinets. The slices may be stacked to suit one or two Bandor 50mm drivers.
        The cabinets are initially available to suit the small 50mm drivers only. Individual speaker cabinets may be stacked vertically to produce any arrangement of between 1 and 4 drivers.

        As with all DIY loudspeaker kits a certain amount of sanding and elbow-grease is required to finish off the enclosures. Additional slices may be ordered which includes a modified front panel and longer reference pin. This modification increases the free cabinet volume by approximately 0.33L per slice. These modifications can only be made to the cabinet at the time of assembly and are not suitable for retroactive fitment once the cabinet has been glued.

        Also provided as part of the loudspeaker kit are a pair of high quality speaker terminals, driver fixing screws, OFC connecting cable and a selection of internal paddings and stuffings for fine tuning the finished result.
        No Bandor drivers or crossovers are provided in this kit. The user must supply and fit the required crossover components as advised by Bandor. We can, however, help with individual crossover components once your circuit design is established. Crossovers may be fitted internally prior to complete assembly, (giving improved access), to the speaker cabinet. Alternatively, components may be fitted through the front panel driver cut-out, but this is more difficult. External crossovers fitted to the rear of the cabinet enclosure are also a possibility as this provides improved crossover isolation from vibration and magnetic fields from the driver magnets.

       Cabinets need to be sanded and sealed using a good quality MDF Sealer to prevent particle shedding and provide resistance to surface marking. Cabinets may be left with a natural finish or painted as required. A quality paint filler and surface coating is recommended to achieve a good result. A Satin finish is suggested as these show less surface blemishes.

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Basic Specification:-  
Cabinet Material Medite: 18mm MDF.
Dimensions SINGLE:  (H, W, D)mm 148 * 203 * 195
Dimensions DOUBLE: (H, W, D) mm 221 * 203 * 195
Internal Volumes: Single, Double. L S 2.0 L, Dbl 3.25 L
Additional Slices: Free Volume. 0.33L per Slice
Cabinet weight:  Single, Double. Kgms 1.8 Kg, 2.45 Kg.

* PRICING:-   Note:- Additional slices may ONLY be ORDERED at the time of your INITIAL Cabinet Order.

* Price List for Bandor Multislice 50mm Cabinets
Order Code Description Price GBP
CABAN01 Single Height Cabinet:  Price per Cabinet (Kit)  £108 ea
CABAN01A Single Height Cabinet:  Price per Cabinet (Ready-Built)  £145 ea
CABAN02 Double Height Cabinet:  Price per Cabinet (Kit)  £156 ea
CABAN02A Double Height Cabinet:  Price per Cabinet (Ready-Built)  £207 ea
SLCSET1 Extra Slice @ 0.33L / Slice + revised Front Panel & Pin:  (1 cab)  £23 / set
SLCSET2 Two Slices @ 0.33L / Slice + revised Front Panel & Pin:  (1 cab)  £33 / set
MANCABAN Construction Manual:  Paper Version:  Posted to UK Only  £8 ea

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