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Stand Mounted Loudspeaker Kit using Focal and Morel Drivers

15L Loudspeaker, Bookshelf Reflex Loaded

15L Bookshelf Speaker Kit

       The HK15 is a 15 litre stand or bookshelf mounted enclosure and features a Focal 61/2" driver partnered with a Morel 28mm soft dome tweeter.

       Available in plain self-coloured premium grade MDF with 18mm body panels and 25mm front and rear. The front and rear panels are radiused and are suitable for home surface sealing prior to painting or may be left sanded and sealed in their natural colour.

       The woodwork can also be supplied as empty cabinet blanks for you to rework and insert your own drivers and fitments, providing of course the volumes are satisfactory. The front panel would then contain a blank face. i.e., no cut-outs.  Note: all panels are supplied either self-coloured or as veneered surfaces only, not painted. Some flexibility in finishes can be accommodated.

        Additional designs can be supplied from our selection of standard shapes and cabinet sizes to suit a wide range of drivers. No particular driver is recommended for any specific cabinet other than to advise the overall driver diameter which will fit. Users are to satisfy themselves as to the particular suitability of any chosen cabinet volume for their project.

15 Litre Bookshelf, Technical details:-

(1) Front ported 15 litre reflex enclosure in 18mm MDF.
(2) Mid-Bass driver from Focal coupled with the well established Morel MDT30
(3) Tweeter. Provides a softer sound than the HK10 with Polyglass bass cone and soft dome fabric tweeter.
(4) Nominal impedance 9 ohms, Power handling 50W rms.
(5) Similar crossover construction as HK10 and with bi-wire facilities.
(6) High impedance Bass driver (9) ohms makes for easy amplifier load and is easy to drive.
(7) Sound assessment, More forgiving of indifferent material than the HK10,
and with an easy-going sound.
(8) Available in standard veneers only, with options on wood stands to suit.
(9) Options on Kits as per HK10.

Cabinet Options.

Price: Packing, UK Carriage.
Part No. Description Case Finish Price GBP
HK15/0 15 Litre Bookshelf, DIY Kit version Self coloured MDF 444
HK15/1 15 Litre Bookshelf, DIY Kit version Oak Veneer 578
HK15/1V 15 Litre Bookshelf, Complete, fully Built Oak Veneer 771
HK15/2 15 Litre Bookshelf, DIY Kit version American Walnut 578
HK15/2V 15 Litre Bookshelf, Complete, fully Built American Walnut 804
HK15/3 15 Litre Bookshelf, DIY Kit version Cherry Veneer 540
HK15/3V 15 Litre Bookshelf, Complete, fully Built Cherry Veneer 771
HK15/4 15 Litre Bookshelf, DIY Kit version Mahogany Veneer 540
HK15/4V 15 Litre Bookshelf, Complete, fully Built Mahogany Veneer 771

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