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DIY Loudspeaker Kits

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      Search for loudspeaker kits and wood components. Custom panels may be machined to your own designs and are professionally made by craftsmen with long experience in woodcraft and loudspeaker panels. In order to provide accurate well fitting wood panel/s it will be necessary for 'you' to provide a comprehensive drawing of the type of panel design / structure that you require. This includes dimensions of all fitment apertures such as ports / driver cutouts and rebates plus any special considerations for bracing and the locations of terminal connectors or terminal trays and crossover positioning. A choice of wood materials are available for basic cabinet constructions from the following:- MDF, HDF (limited availability in 18mm only) and Baltic Birch Plywood. Some veneered options are also possible for custom panels. In addition, solid hardwoods can be offered for specialised trims and speaker stands. If you wish to discuss your project in more detail we are available to offer comprehensive advice.

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