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DIY Loudspeaker Cabinets and Custom MDF Panels

Veneered Blank Speaker Cabinets

Custom Speaker Cabinets

        QTA Systems are able to provide a number of custom speaker cabinets and panels for the DIY home constructor. MDF cabinets are supplied as 'plain' blank speaker cases for real "do your own thing" and are available in a range of stepped volumes. These sizes accommodate the normal speaker cabinets associated with domestic sizes of driver / speaker diameters. These generally range in size from 4" to 8" diameter and NOT 18" to 24" trouser flappers.

Custom MDF Loudspeaker Cabinet

DIY Loudspeaker Cabinets

        Plain speaker cabinets are internally braced, depending upon size, but do not have any driver cut-outs. They are available in a self-coloured MDF finish or veneered with rounded MDF edges on the front and rear panels.  A choice of standard veneers are available in Oak, Ash, Cherry.

        The veneered speaker cabinets are supplied with hardwood lippings on the side panels which cover the raw, top and bottom, cabinet edges. The front and rear cabinet panels have rounded raw MDF edges. All speaker boxes are supplied flat packed unless otherwise agreed, which means YOU are required to assemble and glue the panels into place. Once assembled a certain amount of sanding will be required. To prevent particle shedding all plain MDF cabinets and raw MDF edges should be sealed with a good MDF sealer. At this stage further surface finishing may be undertaken as required.

General services, DIY Loudspeakers and MDF cabinets

Custom MDF Wood Speaker Panels

Custom Loudspeaker Panels

       In addition QTA can offer a small panel machining service. Based upon your sketches and drawings we can provide those slightly more difficult to do loudspeaker panels and speaker boxes. In addition we are able to add cut-outs to our standard plain cabinets. In this case, we usually request you to supply a driver or port, as required, to use as a template.
NOTE:  Small means panels less than 800mm by 500mm by 25mm.

       Note: The cost of Veneered Panels varies monthly and always upwards. The prices given as 'veneered' are only approximate and should be used as a rough guide only.
       The thickness of veneer on pre-veneered panels is only about 0.4mm and will NOT tolerate further sanding without sanding through the material. For hand veneered boards the starting veneer thickness is around (0.8 to 0.6)mm and hence much more robust.
       However, there is a serious price uplift for hand veneered work so....and that's the way it is.

Price: Packing, UK Carriage.
Part No. W mm D mm H mm Vol Ltr Driver (MAX) Price / Pr Price / Pr Ven
Box1 180 250 300 7.5 152 155 220
Box2 180 250 395 10 152 160 229
Box3 180 250 470 12.5 152 168 238
Box4 205 257 375 12 180 169 240
Box5 205 270 512 17.5 180 174 248

Price: Packing, UK Carriage
Part No. W mm D mm H mm Vol Ltr Driver (MAX) Price / Pr Price / Pr Ven
Box6 205 270 580 20 180 188 267
Box7 205 270 710 25 180 196 278
Box8 260 310 550 30 215 204 289
Box9 260 310 635 35 215 217 308
Box10 260 310 725 40 215 230 326

     Note: HDF and MDF enclosures / panels are heavy and awkward to package. You are encouraged to self collect as packing and carriage are charged at cost, but, are Extra.

Other sizes and aspect ratios are possible by consultation. Custom builds are also available.

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