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Extended Version of Dynamic Experience 1 sts6111143

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Extended Dynamic Experience STS Digital sts6111143

Engineered by STS Digital for the highest fidelity sound.

     From the studios of STS Digital and with the help of their in-house MW coding process this STS recording is the starter disc for their planned series called Extended Dynamic Experience. The series is planned to provide examples of music styles with verve and dynamics and as one of their most dynamic discs to date is great fun to play on larger loudspeaker systems.
Watch the level on smaller systems though as some tracks feature low frequencies.

Artists:- Various

Track Listing:-

  1. Earth and Fire Orchestra, Frames, (7'17")
  2. Grace Jones, Dont Cry It's Only, (4'25")
  3. Yello The Eye, Don Turbulento, (4'51")
  4. Victor Woofen, Live in America, (10'41")
  5. Gary Boyle, Grumble, (2'34")
  6. The Sheffield Drumrecords, Jim Keltner, (7'09")
  7. Stevie Ray Vaughen, Roughest Place, (8'11")
  8. Hans Theessink, Missing You, (6'47")
  9. Aquamarine, My Blue Star, (2'50")
  10. Matthijs Dekker, Soundfield Microphone, (3'35")

Price: Packing, UK Postage.
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STS6111143 Extended Dynamic Experience 1, Mixed Music Styles and Strong Performances by Renown Artists, Enjoy. 21.39 /1

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