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Extended Dynamic Experience 5, STS Digital sts6111158

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CD cover, Digital Extended Dynamic Experience Vol 5 sts6111158

Extended Dynamic Experience 5

      The fifth recording in the series of discs headed "EXTENDED Dynamic Experience". Once again this CD demonstrates a superb dynamic range and shows off the CD medium to its very best.
      Artists involvement include, amongst others:-
(Floex), Tomas Dvorak, a well known clarinetist and Composer from Prague, Czech Republic.
      Marilyn Mazur, Born in the USA moved to Denmark aged 6. She became an iconic Danish Drummer, Percussionist and Composer of the 80's, played with the likes of Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis and Gil Evans. In 2001 she was awarded the Jazzpar Prize.
      Arve Henriksen, A trumpet player of considerable repute, Born March 1968 in Stranda Norway. His trumpet style was renowned for having a flute-like sound. He released a number of albums on the Rune Grammofon label and was a founder member of the improvisation group Supersilent.
      Jens Duppe, (Jens Duppe Quartet) a drummer from Cologne was in 2019 the WDR Jazz Award Winner, (Westdeutscher Runtfunk based in Cologne).
      Boz Scaggs, Singer and Songwriter, Born June 1944 in Plano, Texas, US, became famous as a Guitarist in the Steve Miller Band.
      Using the STS Digital MW Coding Process. Volume 5 of the Series offers 11 more super tracks from Floex, Arv Henriksen, Boz Scaggs and others. So plug in, sit down and enjoy the experience, great fun.

Artists: Various

Track Listing:-

  1. DJ Elio and Marius Beets
  2. Rina Crumme
  3. Floex
  4. Marilyn Mazur
  5. Arv Henriksen
  6. Tord Gustavsen
  7. Boz Scaggs
  8. Jens Düppe
  9. Groeneveld
  10. L'Imprévu Saxophone Quartet
  11. Michiel Ras

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