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STS Test Demo CD 3, STS Digital STS6111160

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STS Test Demo CD 3, STS Digital sts6111160

STS Test Demo CD 3

      Following on from the success of the first two Test Demo discs is the third disc in the series with yet more superb musically reengineered tracks from the original Master Tapes. Volume 3 offers a further 11 tracks in the same vein and all using STS Digital's unique MW coding process. This again demonstrates the dynamics and musicality achievable on CD format....enjoy.

Artists:- Various

Track listing:-

  1. Anjani No - No one after you
  2. Gregor Hamilton - Another Life
  3. Lizz Wright - Just like the end of the line
  4. All Times Big Band - My romance
  5. Coco Joano - Ritual
  6. Raúl Barboza - accordion Horatio Castillo - guitar - Traditional
  7. Ronald Douglas - A prelude to a kiss
  8. Mighty Sam MC Clain - Give it up to love
  9. Madeleine Peyroux - Blue Alert
  10. Richard Bona - Ekwa Muato
  11. Rachelle Ferrell - Can explain

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