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How to Build a DIY Dipole Speaker System

      Some while back now we decided to build a Dipole Loudspeaker system which ran as a background project to our other activities. The project was inevitably slow as we were integrating basic dipole design with cabinet woodwork, electronic crossover filtering and 6 channel amplification in custom enclosures. During the period of assembly we ran a number of acoustic measurements to optimize the electronic crossover for our chosen loudspeaker drivers.
      This write up consists of three descriptive textual sections which outline the basic project considerations through to a complete working dipole system.
       To construct such a system from scratch requires considerable time, effort, experimentation and last but not least cost. Components were chosen which we felt may be within, at least, a few financial budgets, especially ours. It must be realised however, that this type of constructional challenge uses a number of very specific skills in diverse areas and may not be to everyone's abilities or hands on for the facilities required.

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